20 February 2010

When Humans Ruled the Earth

Here is a test from my current project, 'When Humans Ruled the Earth'. What I aim to create with this project is a small representation of modern humanity, illustrating various issues that arise in the modern world. The image I have chosen to animate these issues with is a complex, expansive and intriguing piece of machinery. Machines have always intrigued mankind and still do, they are objects that we have sought to apply to everything we possibly can for our own convenience and pleasure, they are the ideal representation of the human race, perhaps a more suitable representation of the modern human race than the humans themselves.

I personally am not an activist, this piece is not looking to force my opinions onto the audience like many awareness campaigns do. I want to create a piece that is easy to watch and triggers an open response from the viewer. I believe humour and intrigue to be an effective pathway to initiating discussion. I’ve concluded this from personal interest in comedy, in recent years topical panel shows featuring comedians often discuss humanities issues openly, topics such as the environment, war, economic and social issues. They might give negative thoughts and opinions on the subject, however I think this method of delivery is more effective at forging independent opinions and discussion amongst younger people. Formal news, documentaries and scare-mongering ad campaigns often come across as biased, over opinionated and attempt to make the viewers minds up for them.

With this project I am creating something fun that will make the audience smile, squirm, laugh and interest them. I’m not trying to influence decisions, the viewer can make their own minds up. All the content is drawn from myths, facts and opinions I’ve read or heard regarding global issues, opinions that me and you may or may not believe, ranging from activist views on consumerism, to the environmental concerns of Scientists. The overall aim of the project is to create talking points. A refreshing change from the large amount of campaigns attempting to scare us into being ‘better people’. I think that this viewer friendly approach is needed, an approach I hope to achieve within my work, one that will create discussion, rather than scaring people away from the issues being addressed.

This project shall be screened alongside other NUCA graduates work at the following venues.

Norwich University College of the Arts, Norwich - 22nd June 2010.
The Playhouse, Norwich - 27th & 28th June 2010.
Framestore Cinema, London - 2nd July 2010.